1798 Draped Bust Dollar

1798 Draped Bust Dollar

The reverse design for the series was altered in the fourth year of production. The previous design featuring a small eagle within a wreath was replaced by a heraldic eagle. The 1798 Draped Bust Dollar (Buy on eBay) can be found with either reverse design, although it is unknown whether the small eagle represents the earliest deliveries of coinage or an emergency reissue towards the end of the year, utilizing older dies.

For the coins featuring the small eagle reverse, noted varieties include 15 stars on obverse or 13 stars on obverse. A number of varieties are identified for the heraldic eagle reverse design based on the appearance of the digit 9, the number of vertical lines on the shield, the number of arrows, number of berries, and placement of the date. These are noted, but values are similar across each variety for most grade levels.

Coin Specifications

  • Date: 1798
  • Mint Mark: none
  • Mint Location: Philadelphia
  • Composition: 89.24% silver, 10.76% copper
  • Weight: 26.96 grams
  • Diameter: 39.5 mm
  • Designer: Robert Scot
  • Mintage: 327,536

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