1800 Draped Bust Dollar

1800 Draped Bust Dollar

The 1800 Draped Bust Dollar (Buy on eBay) turned the page on the century with a mintage of 220,920 coins. The design continued to feature Liberty on the obverse and a heraldic eagle on the reverse, both credited to Robert Scot, although initially based on a sketch by Gilbert Stuart.

There were 12 obverse dies and 11 reverse dies used in production for this year, resulting in 16 different varieties. One amusing variety contains an apparent spelling errors on the reverse  with the letters “AMERICAI”. The final “I” appears to be the right leg of a partial “A”.

Coin Specifications

  • Date: 1800
  • Mint Mark: none
  • Mint Location: Philadelphia
  • Composition: 89.24% silver, 10.76% copper
  • Weight: 26.96 grams
  • Diameter: 39.5 mm
  • Designer: Robert Scot
  • Mintage: 220,920

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